The Kodo Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform founders started an in-depth research on the emerging blockchain technology in the year 2016 and successfully came out with Kodoxchange in 2017.

With a reliable and trusted technology, Kodoxchange team began their journey into the cryptocurrency exchange business confidently in 2018. They are determined to serve the crypto industry with the most superior services, security and operation strategies.


System Security

Kodoexchange is built strictly following funding level standards. The industry standard transfer encryption protocol is applied to data transfer layers to ensure that all user data and confidential data is stored through data encryption at the bank level. The mechanism of dynamic Two-factor authentication has been introduced in confidential operations, such as transactions or withdrawals, in order to provide maximum security for our users.

Financial Security

The portfolios on our platform have adopted several levels of security of the online storage solution with its storage scale. We’ve stored the Extraction Media in the integrated network architecture built into Amazon Web Services Cloud, which has a multilayer firewall based on security isolation.

Multiple Cryptocurrencies Support

Kodoexchange technologies supports infinite cryptocurrency trading pairs. In our early phase, Kodoexchange will support BTC and ETH markets, which includes the trading pair of KODO and various highly negotiable ERC20 tokens. The support list will be enlarged shortly in the future.


  1. Project Idea

    Kodoexchange Bonus proposed,
    API endpoints opened
    to public, multiple mai
    stream cryptocurrency
    pairs listed.

  2. Promotion

    Global promotion started

  3. Exchange Listing

    Over 30 mainstream
    cryptocurrency pairs listed,
    daily exchange volume expected
    3,000+ BTC

  4. Apps

    Mobile apps (Android, iOS)

  5. Develop Ecosystem

    1,000+ cryptocurrencies listed
    , daily exchange volume expected
    80,000+ BTC.


When kodoexchange launches and ready for trading, at least 8% of the net profit will be used to the buy-back KODO at every quarter. The KODO bought through this means will be burnt immediatly. We shall continue our efforts in this regard, until 150 million KODO is destroyed. Further announcements shall be make in this regards.

Partners who will also like to list their Token our site can also do so by sending us KODO token. This will also help in getting back the token and increase token price subsequently.

Smart Contract Powered by Ethereum

Smart contracts are computer programs which allow for the automatic transfer of digital assets between parties based upon pre-specified conditions. These contracts perform actions when certain conditions are met. The Mether token contract ensures security, fast transaction and reliability


Token Name: KODOBIT
Symbol: KODO
Decimal: 18
Total Supply: 350,000,000
Contract address: 0x2b78aEFfB8F3B92f693cfB4F5EE86c99f9a1BCbb


Deposit a minimum of 0.02 ETH to 0x2b78aEFfB8F3B92f693cfB4F5EE86c99f9a1BCbb and get 10,000 Kodobit instantly.


Use The Above Gwei and Gas for Faster Confirmation. The more ETH you send, the more KODO you receive!

Pending launch of the exchange platform, kodo tokens will be traded on Etherdelta, Forkdelta & KKex. More exchanges will be announced in coming weeks.

KODO Etherdelta: https://etherdelta.com/#0x2b78aEFfB8F3B92f693cfB4F5EE86c99f9a1BCbb-ETH

KODO Forkdelta: https://forkdelta.github.io/#!/trade/0x2b78aEFfB8F3B92f693cfB4F5EE86c99f9a1BCbb-ETH

KODO KKex: (Coming Soon)

Airdrop 2 Comes up soon

Awards for KODO-holding users. Awards for new-user inviters.
Kodoexchange as a technology entity. More funds will be put into the new blockchain technology R&D, promotion, and application.

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